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Atlanta, GA, 30306
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About Right Relationship Counseling

Right Relationship Counseling is devoted to helping people find more happiness and joy in their relationships and lives. For most of us, positive healthy relationships with family, friends and partners are central to having a happy life. An upsetting discussion, angry comment or disappointing encounter with someone we care about can set our emotional temperature for the day, perhaps the week, even months and years.

We most often think about a ruptured relationship that exists with someone else....a mother or father, a teenager, a close friend or a life partner, but how about the relationship with yourself? This can be ruptured too. Far too many of us feel inadequate, fearful, shut down or left out of life in some way. We want to feel better about ourselves but we don’t know how to get there. This is also a rupture in relationship, a rupture with the most important person in our lives.

If a rupture in any relationship is left to grow, we become disconnected, make assumptions and create “stories” about what is really going on. A cloud grows over us and lingers. The longer it stays, the more angry, sad or depressed we become. This is an all too familiar pattern that exists for so many of us.

So how do we break the pattern? I believe the only way to do that is to explore and examine our past and present, gain perspective on how we got here and why we took that path. Then, with help, we develop the courage to try another way, see things differently, understand our real story, and turn wounds into wisdom and growth. This what I strive to do with each and every client. I have a passion for seeing people transform and become more whole. I seek to provide a safe and comfortable environment for clients; I can tell you that while we often talk about struggles, hopelessness or fears, we laugh a lot too. Therapy can be an exhilarating process!