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675 Seminole Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA, 30306
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Imago Couples Counseling
Imago counseling is a unique approach that helps couples learn how to handle conflict in their relationship. Couples learn why they get angry or frustrated with each other, how to work through conflict without becoming defensive or disrespectful.  The ultimate goal of they therapy is to deepen love and connection through understanding, empathy and personal growth.
Imago sessions are usually 1 hour or 1.5 hours each and most couples come for a minimum of 10 to 12 sessions.

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Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is a collaborative process between myself and a person seeking to better understand and transform emotions or behaviors that are limiting their ability to live a happy life. Think of it as an opportunity to get a deeply informed perspective on how and why you operate in the world as you do, and, most importantly, how to transform old, worn out patterns of behavior or beliefs that are no longer working well for you. It can be a surprising and revolutionary journey to change one’s life. Most clients come for one hour sessions and for as long as their own process takes.

While therapy looks at a person’s past and present to shift unhappy emotions and behaviors, coaching tends to focus on motivating and guiding a person’s present or future actions to achieve a goal, effect a change or realize an objective. It is also a collaborative process that creates a plan of action, identifies and removes obstacles, addresses feelings about the plan and actions, and holds the client accountable for their intentional commitments. Coaching usually begins with an in-person or phone meeting and continues with weekly phone appointments until the goal is achieved.

Workshops and Newsletter
Right-Relationship is planning to offer workshops on an annual basis. Currently in development are an Imago pre-marital workshop called Start Right, Stay Connected and a workshop for women and relationships. If you would like to join my mailing list, please send your email address to

Rates and Insurance

Please call 404-642-8344 for private pay rates.  The only insurance I accept is Blue Cross Blue Shield.